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Who We Are

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At Kende’s, we know the scope of your marketing reaches far beyond the business cards and forms you use daily.

Getting your company’s name and message out on the street can involve anything from custom die-cut sales pieces to apparel, banners and car magnets. Displaying your logo and image wherever and whenever possible is a great way to increase interest and revenue, and our job is to make certain you stand out and get noticed, by looking great.

There are many types of print shops, Kende’s is a ‘full service provider.’ That means we have the staff and equipment to create and produce a wide variety of products for our clients.

Kende’s is proud to maintain the current industry equipment & software needed to produce your work from start to finish! Our employees are all trained & educated extensively in multiple areas of the trade. Kende’s staff averages 20 years each in actual production and technical expertise!

Call or visit us and see for yourself, we are a committed group of professionals with one collective goal -- making YOUR project a SUCCESS!

Why Choose Us

We are registered with the American Soybean Association to use the SoySeal on our print pieces. Printing with soy ink is considered more beneficial for the environment. The ink is low in Volatile Organic Compounds, safe, sustainable, and made from a renewable resource. Soy inks are also more easily stripped from the paper during the de-inking and recycling process that petroleum inks.

Aesthetically, soy inks are also more vibrant in color than traditional petroleum based inks, improving the impact of your Piece. Displaying the SoySeal on printed materials is one of the easiest ways to promote your company's values to your customers. It lets them know you're doing your part to use renewable resources, protect the environment, support American farmers, and use products made in the U.S.A.

At Kendes we used recycled stocks to help conserve our environment. Our recycled stock choices contain a minimum of 10% Post-Consumer fiber and are chlorine free. Some of the stock choices are produced by Mohawk®, a wind powered paper mill. In addition to using recycled stock, we ourselves recycle 95% of our paper waste, and have done so for more than 22 years.

Where We Are Heading

As technology improves and expands, we will be there with the most up to date software and equipment to serve your needs.

What Benefits You?

At Kende’s, you have multiple options to submit your electronic artwork and order submission.

1. You may utilize our online order system,

2. Submit through our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site or,

3. e-mail your information.

Before production, you will receive a soft-proof - a PDF delivered electronically - to check over and approve. This method reduces redundant hard-copy proofing and delivery to only the necessary minimum, saving time, paper & gas. Thereby saving you money!